The ultimate guide for a brand new RLRRLRLL T-shirt

This maintenance guide has been created to help you keep your RLRRLRLL T-shirts longer. It is based on our personal experience. These tips apply to all products sold on our site.

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Model: Julien BENACQUISTA / Photo: Antoine NEWEL 

Follow the maintenance instructions

Each garment has its own maintenance instructions. It depends on three things:

- The composition of the fabric

- The type of mesh

- The thickness of the fabric

For a super soft, our t-shirts are organic cotton. You can preserve their sweetness by treating them with delicacy.

The washing instructions are simple:

1. Turn the T-shirt over before washing it (to avoid damaging the silkscreen)

2. Wash at 30 ° C (never again)

3. Do not use the tumble dryer (at the risk of shrinking your t-shirt)

Beyond these 3 basic rules, discover 20 tips to maintain your T-shirts.

Step 1: Before washing the T-shirt

1. Keep your T-shirt (and the rest of your clothes) dry and airy before washing.

This avoids the appearance of mold. She is responsible for bad smells. Also avoid keeping your clothes in a ball to avoid damaging the fibers of the fabric.

2. Separate very dirty and stained clothes from those that are less so.

It would be a shame if the stain of another garment comes to attack one of your T-shirts during the wash. Read this guide to learn how to remove a stubborn stain on your T-shirt.

3. Sort the colors of your clothes.

The ideal is to have four piles: dark colors, light colors, white, and black. If you do not have enough clothes, go for a bunch of dark colors and lots of light colors.

It is therefore best to wash white T-shirts with other white clothes or light colors. For black T-shirts try to wash them with black clothes and proper laundry. Otherwise, you can mix them with dark colors.

Color t-shirts should be washed preferably with dark colors.

4. Anti-fading wipes.

To avoid any doubt, use anti-fading wipes. These wipes absorb the overflow of color. Attention, it does not dispense to mix the black of the white, at the risk of tarnishing it.

5. Brand new clothes.

Always wash your new clothes with identical colors.

They will always tend to bleed a little dye in the first wash. It's normal. Be especially careful with red t-shirts.

6. Turn over your T-shirts before putting them in the machine.

It's simple. But simply returning them will extend their life. You will prevent the fabric from getting damaged by rubbing against other clothes.

7. Remember to empty the pockets of your pants.

Besides the boredom of damaging some objects, it would be a shame if they fade on your T-shirts.

Step 2: Wash the T-shirt

8. Do not overfill your washing machine.

You do not have enough dirty laundry to make two machines or too much to make one. We've all done it before: try to get everything back.

It's not really the best idea ...

Avoid stuffing the machine. The laundry must have enough space to be washed properly.

9. Choose the correct wash temperature.

RLRRLRLL recommends washing your T-shirts at 30 ° C.

Washing at low temperatures can prolong the life of organic cotton in a consistent way. And there is no real reason to wash warmer. This prevents discoloration, shrinkage, and unnecessary wear of the fabric.

Another not insignificant aspect: Washing at 30 ° C is cheaper than traditional washing at 40 ° C, and it is better for the environment.

10. Use laundry that is appropriate for the fabric composition of your T-shirts.

Traditional detergents are suitable for cotton T-shirts. You do not need to buy a specific detergent like wool, for example.

Your water is too calcareous? Here's a little grandmother's tip:

"Add 25cl of white vinegar to soften the linen, set the colors of the new clothes, or keep a white cloth. "

Baking soda is also a good alternative to laundry (useful for sensitive skin). Find out how it helps to remove stains on a T-shirt.

11. Use half the amount of laundry recommended by your favorite brand.

Too much laundry is actually damaging the cotton fibers. The industrialists will always have too much tendency to push you to the consumption.

Your clothes will be as clean and the laundry will last twice as long. It's good for the planet and for your wallet.

12. Add fabric softener / fabric softener.

The softener is not necessary but it is useful because it makes your laundry softer, fragrant, and easier to iron.

13. The cycles of your washing machine should not last more than 60 minutes.

Did you know ? Soap is an agent that holds dirt on the top of the water so as not to get back into the fabric but the action time of this agent is limited. A machine that is too long will let the dirt return to the fabric.

Step 3: Dry the T-shirt

Hop! Once the machine is finished, immediately remove your laundry to extend it.

Avoid leaving wet clothing in the drum. This can cause mildew and bad smells.

14. Never dry your T-shirts in the tumble dryer.

This is the first cause of narrowing clothes ...

This surprises a lot of people, but T-shirts do not tumble dry.

The outdoors is the best way to dry your T-shirts.

15. Before spreading them, shake your T-shirts for the fabric to breathe and cleanse.

16. If your clothes are still wet, do not twist them to wring them out.

This will break the fibers of the fabric. Extend them outdoors or in a room where air can circulate.

17. Avoid drying your clothes in the sun.

Prefer a shade, cool, and airy corner.

The sun may tarnish the color of your T-shirts and make the fabric look rough.

Step 4: Iron the T-shirt

No need to iron your RLRRLRLL t-shirts!

If you have followed the advice above, the RLRRLRLL T-shirts will be ready to wear when they are dry. Wear it for a few minutes and your favorite t-shirt will return to its original shape.

If you still want to iron your t-shirts, here's what you need to do:

18. Iron at low temperature.

Select the low temperature (150 ° C, which is the setting •• on your iron).

19. Iron your T-shirts upside down.

This will avoid burning screen printing and the outer part of the garment.

20. Save time! Prefer a steam plant to a conventional iron.

The steam plant is the secret boot for fast ironing.

Your T-shirt is clean

That's it !

Your RLRRLRLL T-shirt is all clean and ready to wear:


Modele: Andréa DURAND / Photo: Jeff LUDOVICUS